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    Hello everyone,

    My name is Rod and I am the proud owner of a 2013 KTM 300 XC. I live in central West Virginia and love to ride the Hatfield and McCoy Trails in the southern part of the state where I grew up.

    I got my first dirt bike when I was 11 and have had bikes on and off throughout the years. I am 53 now and still get excited when it is time to go riding.

    This is my first KTM and I already have several questions, I like to do my own mechanic work and I enjoy tinkering with bikes almost as much as riding them.

    So now I officially have one post.

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    Belated welcome to the site!

    One of my favorite riding spots years ago was a 27 mile loop outside of Huntington, WV.
    2020 Husqvarna FE501

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