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Thread: PAX Spec Jet carb - Tomorrow's gonna be a good day !!!

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    Default Re: PAX Spec Jet carb - Tomorrow's gonna be a good day !!!

    Thierry, You're a legend. I'll try your jetting and double check the float to cure NGULS.

    Mixed feelings regarding Pax if it's just swapping out an atomizer and a needle. Certainly wouldn't be that hard to figure out given your research, I wonder if the moped community has figured it out. A lot of mopeds use the same Dellorto carb.
    We're also are stuck with ethanol gas in California and Avgas is hard to come across. I've gotta try the water trick.

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    Default Re: PAX Spec Jet carb - Tomorrow's gonna be a good day !!!

    Some good reading at Moped Army regarding atomizers and needle options.
    There's really not much to these carbs and won't be hard to figure out what they're using.
    Why the two stroke atomizer/jetting is so sensitive to temperature and the four stroke atomizer isn't is beyond me.

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    Default Re: PAX Spec Jet carb - Tomorrow's gonna be a good day !!!

    A legend ? No, JMB, Stephan Everts, Ricky Johnson, Bob Hanna and more are legend not me
    My experience comes from moped. The OEM race Dellorto is sold with the AN262 Atomizer, 45 pilot jet, W9 needle, 75 main jet, 4 grams floater and #30 slide. That was my baseline when I start messing with the Cobra except for the main. I started at #100 and went up to #125. It works well on the stand bike with AN262/AN266 (best with AN262), 45/110, W9 2nd groove, 4 grams floater, slide #40. Doesn't work under load. PAX use a different needle (# scratch) and 105 main.

    See pics for the Ethanol free trial. In 4 gallons of 93 pump gas I poured 1 quart of water and drained 2 quart of clear liquid (water + Ethanol). To be safe from 5 gallons I kept 4 gallons ethanol free. We are practicing today, I will update if something bad happen
    From left to right is what I drained. The 3rd and 4th are pure ethanol free (I tested a sample of each). The 5th is before modification.
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    Bye bye France, finally back to Texas !

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    Default Re: PAX Spec Jet carb - Tomorrow's gonna be a good day !!!

    So update:
    _the home made ethanol free pump gas is working perfect.
    _the PAX carb is mod, not sure if it is AMA legal or not. I was on the right direction and tried something pretty close but I would have never find it.
    _even with a perfect working and fast Cobra my boy is still slow...I guess it is all on the rider
    Bye bye France, finally back to Texas !

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