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Thread: Stator 2007 525 XC vs 2008 530 XCW

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    Default Stator 2007 525 XC vs 2008 530 XCW

    Iím looking to sell a 2008 530 XCW and will hang onto a 2007 525 XC. The 530 has a 100W Baja designs stator and was set up with HID desert lights for Baja by the previous owner. Would anyone know if I can flip flop stators between the 525 and 530?

    Thanks everyone

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    Default Re: Stator 2007 525 XC vs 2008 530 XCW

    do both have the same motor? I may be wrong, but I thought only the 450/525exc had the rfs motor, the XC got the new motor. Besides that, you have to modify the electrical system for a DC vs AC/DC system, I would leave it alone.

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    Default Re: Stator 2007 525 XC vs 2008 530 XCW

    No they donít have the same motor. I should have mentioned that. Like you said 2007 525 is the rfs and 2008 530 is the XC4. The stators have different part numbers on the microfiche but I was hoping that they were interchangeable. Itís not looking like they are.

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    Default Re: Stator 2007 525 XC vs 2008 530 XCW

    The stators appear to both be K3's, but the wiring/connectors are probably different. I'd suggest giving Baja a shout on Monday and ask them.
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