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Thread: New Bike in a Crate

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    Default Re: New Bike in a Crate

    I know that sometimes areas become a issue but I wouldn't think that would be a big issue with dirt bikes, maybe so? CJ
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    Quote Originally Posted by CJ1 View Post
    The bikes could have been assembled, inspected, unlocked and re crated to ship. I don't see a issue there? CJ
    The issue is that KTM wants to protect each dealers territory. So they do not allow dealers to ship bikes, they must be picked up at the dealer. A dealer that ships a small number will probably stay under the radar. But start doing a lot of it and other dealers complain to KTM, KTM cracks down and dealers can lose their franchise. It is in the dealer agreement for them to not ship bikes.
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    Default Re: New Bike in a Crate

    Iíve bought a couple of KTMís in the crate over the years. My last crate bike was a 2011 300xc that my grandsons helped me put together. Now they are both going out riding with me and my son.
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