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    i spent an hour typing in different topics in the search bar on finding information on swapping a later model 505 exc carb onto a 2002 520 exc. is there any difference is the TPS values? or other issues that might be present on this swap

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    not familure with a 505EXC? If you meant 525EXC we nee to know the year, your 02 has what I call a Generation 1, decent carb, probably suffering from hardend rubber but very fixable, can be made to work well

    The 2003-2005 s what I call a Gen II, they will bolt on, the amount of free play in the cable is different but some claim it was within adjustment range
    2006 is a Gen III, you must change the rubber boot on the engine side and the airbox if its 2007 you need to change the pilot jet to #42
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    I have a 2002 400Sx and I swapped the Gen 1 for a Gen ll. Put my main jet in and the same size pilot jet in and bolted it up with no problems. The throttle cables fit right in and adjusted correctly. Works very good.

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    thank you both, thats the kind of info that helps.

    My mistake it was meant to be a 525exc.

    Open up the entire carb and its a mess! Someone had tried to seal it up with what looks like JB weld, and what rubber gaskets are in there a just goo. i have some work to do it seems.

    not sure about this TPS either, between the yellow and blue wires the value decreases as you open throttle. I would have thought it should have increased on those two wires and decreased on the yellow and black. so set it at .670 at idle open throttle and resistance heads towards .230 and stops also limiting the travel on the carb slide.

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