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Thread: Brand new bike with swing arm and linkage play?

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    Default Re: Brand new bike with swing arm and linkage play?

    Quote Originally Posted by gmoss View Post
    On older bikes, have not looked at newer, there are shims that go in to get a good tight fit. May want to check that to see if they still do it and if you need one or more.
    Yeah I found a few old posts from several years ago and on that mentioned loose swingarms with sideways play and that they needed to be shimmed to be fixed. It sounded like if the play was left unchecked that it could eventually wear out and warp the swing arm pivot hole in the back of the case to the point that youíd need to replace the entire case to fix the issue. Some guys apparently went as far as machining out the bolt hole and installing steel sleeves since KTM doesnít use them. If I recall correctly they used the sleeves from a Honda.

    If tightening the swing arm bolt doesnít fix the sideways play I will definitely look for a shim kit, Iíll put up a link for what I find for anyone in the future who might have the same issue.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dirtbikeace View Post
    I have read that those shims are for aligning the front to the rear sprocket, you should be able to tighten the swingarm bolt even without the shims til you run out of threads.
    I think youíre right but I believe it would only throw off the alignment if you added shims to one side only. The guys in the posts I read wondered the same thing so they made sure to evenly shim both sides to maintain their alignment

    Iíll take a look at my sprockets just to make sure theyíre straight to begin with if tightening the swing arm bolt doesnít work and I have to go the shim route.

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    Default Re: Brand new bike with swing arm and linkage play?

    Look at the parts fiche and see if the swingarm bolt, bearings include shims. When I dealt with replacing bearings, it did.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Calvin Muskrat View Post
    Dang thatís a bit lame about your TE250... Have you had anything major fail prematurely? Great things to keep in mind for sure. I definitely wasnít expecting a perfectly assembled and functioning unit when I bought the bike. I am inexperienced with brand new bikes however haha so I was wanting to make certain of what was going on and if itís truly a cause for concern. Thanks for the input!
    Only the stuff I mentioned has failed.
    Keihin solved the carb issue.
    All good otherwise best bike I've owned, but I'll ride/race anything lol
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    Default Re: Brand new bike with swing arm and linkage play?

    There is another guy on another forum (vital) who had his frame crack (many big cracks) on the main frame side members at the swing arm pivot. It was due to pitch/roll/yaw at the swing arm pivot. Ktm generation 12-16 linkage two stroke 250. Just saying. A shim kit is wise.

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