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Thread: RFS/Husaberg KibbleWhite Springs - Valve Clearance

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    Default RFS/Husaberg KibbleWhite Springs - Valve Clearance

    Hi guys,

    I've installed the KB kit #96-96000 on a 06' FE650 but I can't get any valve clearance.
    It seemed like no modifications were needed to fit the kit.

    However, with or without the spacers in the kit, the rocker arms are touching the valves allowing no clearance whatsoever!

    I'm getting confused on the next step without going to a machine shop and have the valve stems cut.

    Any help is appreciated!

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    Default Re: RFS/Husaberg KibbleWhite Springs - Valve Clearance

    Two options;
    1: Your at top dead enter (TDC) but on the overlap stroke, common error, cam turns 1/2 of crank speed so one TDC valves are all closed and suitable for adjustment, the net TDC is called "overlap", the exhausts are closing but still open about 1/2mm and the intakes are opening also about 1/2mm so you do not have enough range of adjustment (and if you did get them adjusted they would be way too loose when it started.
    2: When it was apart was the 45 degree face of the valve cupped? The intake valves on the RFS where notoriously soft and pound into the head leaving them protruding too far. If everything is original I can assure you it needed valves!
    there is not enough material on he stem to shortened them or he keeper groove will fail. If you had a valve job done and they cut the seats too deep the fix is oversize valves (I have done over 1,000 o these)
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