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Thread: 65sx top end stutter

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    Hi there
    2015 65 sx been flawless last 2 years rebuilt bottom end 100hrs ago and top end every 30 hrs last time was 10 hrs ago. About 5 hours ago power valve membrane split so I replaced that and it ran 100% for 5 hours. Has just developed a good stutter when getting into the top end full throttle opening then when slowing down after a wide open run it will bog after throttle being chopped and sometimes to the point of stalling. Have loved working on this bike and never had anything I couldnít fix but this has me stumped, have cleaned the carb havenít swapped jets as am certain this isnít the problem as it has been well jetted without problems for the last 18 months. No temp or elevation changes either.
    I was thinking it must be fuel or carb but have been through all of that and no changes, donít think it could be power valve related could it? Seems to open and close when blowing in the hose. Could this be electrical? Stator? This is the issue I am dreading but open to any suggestions....

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    Fixed it by cleaning up ground wire connection 👍 going mint again

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