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Thread: Positive Note? Riding More

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    Quote Originally Posted by drehwurm View Post
    It is not about getting bashed (everybody has to handle that and his responsibilities towards others on his own), it is about the risk not getting the necessary medical treatment needed as there are just no resources available. As we all know a "slow" fall can cause as severe injuries as a high speed one can and bad luck is just that - bad luck!

    I have two hospitals as customers. They are slower than normal to normal with patients. One told me even their ER visits are down. calm before the storm he pondered.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gmoss View Post
    calm before the storm he pondered.
    We are in the third week of restrictions now and things start to settle in a little into this "new" normality - still it is crazy how much your perspective has changed within a few weeks. Then you take a look into your neighboring country, Italy, which is only a few hundert kilometers away and the degree of severity multiplies to a point which is just beyond grasp. Almost 900 deaths a day (!!!) for a prolonged period of time - you can't stay unaffected by this and if there was any doubt that corona is for real, it is gone by now. I'm dying to go out and ride, but if the desire is getting too strong I just turn on the news ... tough times! Everyone stay healthy!

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