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Thread: 8/07 camshaft

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    Forgot to say its supermoto use only

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    Thats a nice set up Iv ran that set up before. every time I went bigger on the bore I liked it more. I ended with a 102mm piston in the stock cylinder with the 8/33 cam and loved that set up.
    2017 500 exc-f 4.5g IMS, tubliss front and rear, vortex ECU PMB exhaust 14x48 gearing.

    SOLD...2005 588cc exc 102mm ultra light crank 3,775 grams welded frame
    head stay mild port job 41mm carb 8/33 cam trail tech -8 fly wheel trail tech Dc stator, ca street legal, sx exhaust with quiet incert 08 Nost suspension , gpr dampner 14mm clamps tubliss front and rear, squadron xl led headlight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by natekidd View Post
    Cams are Ultimately a personal choice I have ran stock cam Bobs copy cam, 8/33 cam 8/07 cam and Thumper racing stage 5 cam. Both in the 570 99mm piston and 590 102mm piston Of all those the 8/07 was my least favorite.

    Stock over an 8/07?
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    2005 EXC 565cc (100x72) Caflash Ultralight/HMC Cam, Stock head, KibbleWhite stock size intake valves, stock exhaust valves, sharpened intake divider, Gen III carb testing now, Innovate AFR gauge.

    39mm Gen III carb. 38 pilot, ocemr 3rd with emulsion tube 2nd without, 140-145 main.

    Prior engine combos are 532cc/806 cam, 532cc stock cam, 565cc/833 cam, 565cc hotcam, 565cc Cut 7 cam, 565cc Thumper Stage 5 cam, Beautifully ported Cut7 head, DJH +1 head, 39mm Gen3 carb, 41mm straight bored carb, 41mm Gen3, 43mm Straight bore carb.

    NOST Suspension and Midvalves, 14/52 gearing. 14mm triple clamps, headstay, Scott's underbar stabilizer and 1" riser. Seat Concepts seat. Narrowed FLEXX bars. Tubliss rear with Pirelli MT16 front and rear.

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