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Thread: Spoiler alert. I知 a husky owner.

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    Default Spoiler alert. I知 a husky owner.

    Hey all.
    42 yo, just under a year on a dirt bike. Started on a Honda Crf250x. But now on a 2019 Husqvarna FX350.
    Been so much fun converting it into a ST machine. However, i just recently got a Blais flashing and went out riding. Bike broke down after 45 min.
    Dealer mechanic stumped. Bike not getting a spark. 12 different error codes showed up on the computer log. I知 pretty worried about what They are going to find wrong with it. Bike has just under 10 hours on it.
    Anyway, Nice to meet you all.

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    Default Re: Spoiler alert. I知 a husky owner.

    Matt, bummer to hear about your bike. Have the dealer swap another ECU from a new bike in and see if they get the same issues. I can't imagine your reflash caused the issue because it worked and then quit. Grounding issues can cause all sorts of wired problems. Have them clean the ground lug to the frame and re-attach.
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