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Thread: 2004 KTM SX50 Sr Issues

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    Default 2004 KTM SX50 Sr Issues

    Hey guys, new member here. We took the 50 on it's maiden voyage today and when it got hot, it started cutting out and becoming difficult to start. Is this a stator issue? Also, the clutch grabs at a REALLY high RPM and I was curious if that is normal or if the clutch is worn. I haven't pulled the cover yet to inspect it but I did change the fluid and it looks good. I know it's a totally different bike, but his TTR50 grabs just above idle. The guy I bought the bike from said he only change the oil and cleaned the air filter in the 8 years he owned it.

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    Default Re: 2004 KTM SX50 Sr Issues

    First, the TTR is not even close to the class the 50SX falls in, two totally different animals which should not be compared.

    I think our last 50SX was an 03, but IIRC, the 04 was basically the same.

    Don't go after the stator right away, if it is overheating, you should probably check the cooling system for proper flow, especially check the water pump impeller, and where it couples to the crank, etc... You can check the coupling end without draining the coolant, just pull the bolts from big end cover the hoses attached to and swing it out (don't disconnect the hoses unless you do drain the coolant), the cover is dry underneath. Of course you will need to drain the coolant if you inspect the impeller (the next step if the coupling end is intact and spins by hand easily).

    Once you are sure the cooling system is working properly, then you might start looking elsewhere if it is still "cutting out". Still could be on the edge of being misjetted, or maybe an issue with the electrical side, like the stator you mentioned.

    The high RPM clutch engage is pretty normal since it is intended to basically be a race bike, and meant to be ridden like an on/off switch. You can play with the clutch spring/cup washers to vary the engagement (if it still uses a clutch similar to the 03), but if you set it too low, it may load the engine outside the powerband. Should be some archived info in the mini section on setting up the clutch to your desire.

    Good luck! Once you get it running right, and your son (I assume) gets used to it, he will have a blast on it.

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