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Thread: Help!! 2017.5 250 sxf idles but wonít rev

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    Default Re: Help!! 2017.5 250 sxf idles but wonít rev

    Quote Originally Posted by rpmason View Post
    No blockage in intake or exhaust, checked charge at battery (does increase with throttle blip), also swapped tank with fuel pump off a 2019 350. Iím down to mechanical, wire harness, and havenít swapped what I believe to be the gear position sensor. Cam timing and valve clearance spot on. The head pounding continues. Performing a leak down test tomorrow
    You have pretty much tried every thing on the fuel and electrical. Must be mechanical. Have you checked all the filters for metal? I hope they are all clean,
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    Default Re: Help!! 2017.5 250 sxf idles but wonít rev

    Leak down test is good. Have it at the dealership now for a diagnostic test

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    Default Re: Help!! 2017.5 250 sxf idles but wonít rev

    Dealership didnít come up with any active diagnostic codes.

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    Default Re: Help!! 2017.5 250 sxf idles but wonít rev

    Looking back at your original post the problem could be some type of intermittent short or defective component in the electrical system that drains the battery and affects the ignition. Time to start looking at the wiring harness. Do some research on this forum on what defects others have found in the wiring harness and CDI.

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