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I think a head mod is a reasonable next step. But more needles is not in the offing. A Lectron might be the right call as well...idk yet.
Yup, the head mod would be a good step to help get rid of or minimize the blubbering and make jetting more consistent.

Iíve tried the single taper needles, CEK & CEJ. They are pretty cheap. I didnít like how the bike ran, seems to really tame the power and too sluggish for my liking. The last few years Iíve been running the cast SmartCarb. However I lost some of the off-idle grunt. A few months ago I installed the 38mm Lectron Ė H Series Carb. The off-idle grunt is now a lot better. The bike runs very well. Iím really happy with the Lectron. The only change I made to the Lectron was adjust the metering rod by 1/2 turn to lean it out and its perfect.