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Thread: Compression tester

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    IMO this won't exactly give you accuracy, but it'll give you consistency between different gauges.

    Edit: as he mentioned in the last 2 minutes.

    You could also send a gauge out to be calibrated.

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    The air check valve has to be at the cylinder for ANY gage to be accurate. You cannot add the volume of the hose to the cc of the combustion chamber as the air would also have to compress in the hose. Does it make a big difference? Depends on the size and length of the hose before the check. After it you would just have to crank longer to get to the highest reading. Cj
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    I bought this one. It has the air check valve at the cylinder. It was on sale for $33.
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    That look good if it fits into the spark hole. Some are just too big and bulky to get at it.
    I still wonder, On the 300 cylinder, how that little compression relief hole into the powervalve just above the exhaust port effects readings. Do the newest 300 even have that hole?
    They say it wont effect the engine when running but slow cranking is when it is supposed to be doing its job.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cactus73 View Post
    I looked at the OTC compression testers and see that it comes with Schrader type valves. Do they trap the air in the combustion chamber at the fitting? How is that more accurate than the other types? The Napa tester is made by Innova which gets good ratings. So does the Lisle brand. It doesn't appear that these are cheap Chinese brands. Educate me why I shouldn't buy one of these.
    I use the OTC and do like the schrader valve so you see the highest number. Iíve been using the OTC for years back from when I used to drag race. A good quality tool.

    Guess I should have read page 2 before posting. Lol
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