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Thread: 1290 R fuel gage showes empty

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    Default 1290 R fuel gage showes empty

    Anybody having problems with the fuel gage stuck on empty? couldn't find any threads on this

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    Default Re: 1290 R fuel gage showes empty

    Have you checked the fuel level sensor and wires going to it?
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    yes had this happen last fall while riding the TAT. Dealer replaced the sending unit and that fixed it now its out of warranty. Also before that the float stuck in the top of the unit showing full all the time Dealer fixed that by adding a gasket in the top of the tube to keep the float sticking just wondering if anyone had their own fix?

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    Its a know issue with the float sticking. Its an issue covered under warranty. There is a repair that can be done to the sending unit but if your under warranty KTM will replace the whole sending unit.

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    Its 2 bolts, to remove sender from tank.
    With a small pic remove black cap at bottom of sender tube, notice cap clocking for re-install. Allow float to slide out the bottom.... lightly sand the outside so it no longer sticks in sanding unit tube.... not very much needs removed its like a few thousandths of inch all around and will then slide smoothly and quit sticking.
    This "stiction" also causes huge discrepancies in fuel mileage calculations on the in dash puter.👍
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    A guy I used to ride with has a 1290R and ran it out of gas in the middle of nowhere . We siphoned gas from my 690r to get him going . He said the gas gauge was sticking so he sanded something on it . I asked him why he doesn't just set the trip meter like I do on my 690 ? About 6 months later we are in the middle of nowhere again and he runs out of gas again . Now I'm a little irritated as it seems dumb to run out of gas again when you have 6 gallons and I only have 3.2 on my 690 . One of the guys had a bottle of gas so we got going and found a gas station at a marina . It turns out he was only turning one of the petcocks

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