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Thread: Need help going crazy

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    I have a 2006 ktm mini got it from a friend. It had been sitting for about 5 years. I put all new fluids in cleaned gas tank out, carburetor, new spark plug. It started on the second kick. Kid rode it, it was running good. Day 2 kid was excited to ride in the morning. I could not get it started, 2 weeks later. Replaced ignition coil, reeds, cleaned carb 20 times, took apart kill switch, stator ohms out to specs, Getting spark, getting fuel. Not sure which way to go next. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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    Do you have plenty of compression? After trying to start, what does the plug look like? Dry or covered in gas?
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    It has compression and the plug is a little wet

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    Have you tried a new plug? If it is wet you are prob getting fuel. Have you tried starting it with the throttle held wide open? Sometimes when you flood it this can help.
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    Since the plug appears wet, make sure the air filter is clean and in good shape. Also, next time you have the carb disassembled, check the float level, and eyeball the fuel shutoff float pin tip real good.

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    The tip looked good no visible issues. I have 3 new plugs. When I put gas in plug hole it will not even sputter

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