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Thread: Kickstand for SX-e5?

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    Default Kickstand for SX-e5?

    I bought my son an Sx-e5 last week and he loves it. It's an amazing little machine! The only annoying thing is that it does not have a kickstand. I've been searching the web for a week for options. And, I've heard all the easy solutions like 'Kickstands are dangerous, lean it on a tree' etc., etc. The reality is that it's super annoying for him to not have a kickstand. Even when getting the bike ready to load in the truck on my driveway, a kickstand is very useful. The bike will be used for trail/recreation riding only. No mx, no racing. Does anybody have any novel ideas on how I can get a kickstand on this bike?

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    In for replies! Really need to make or find something for my daughters.

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