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Thread: 18+ 85 mod recommendations

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    My kid is officially done with the stock class since he didn't qualify for Loretta's this year. Now we can work on the bike.
    Looking for pipe recommendations.
    Also, has anyone tried the Nihilo head inserts?
    And last, any recommendations for cylinder porting? I can stay local and send it to EBR, or send it out to Pro Circuit, Twisted, Lamson, Lynx. I'm open, just curious what you guys have tried and had success with. I know most of these companies have a head spec to work with their porting package.


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    Default Re: 18+ 85 mod recommendations

    Have a read up on the two stroke performance website, he has done a lot of work on these bikes.
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    HStuning in TX, did a mod cylinder for us. Came out great. Bikes really come alive with aftermarket ignition.
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