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Thread: Backpack chainsaw

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeb View Post
    Sweet! I wish I had an 11 mile loop like that.
    Yeah it's nice, just throw your gear on and go. It can get boring if we just ride the 11 mile loop but there are some other less used trails that we use to just go out and ride around on to break up the boredom.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gagit View Post
    Plus, you have to put it on and take it off every time. Some of us can't afford a trail work bike, and a race/trail bike. A fork mount, that is.
    This is the main reason for my set up as when trail clearing you often clear something then less than a hundred feet later there's another blockage. It gets tiring to have to take a saw out, put it back in every time but with the Trail Tech mount and my Stihl 193T I just drop it in and it's secure enough to ride immediately after. I can secure even more by attaching bar hook all the way or for even more secure if I attach the rear strap. At that point I'm able to ride full out without hardly noticing the extra 10lb. of the entire system. All of this happens in a matter of seconds not minutes and it comes out in seconds as well. The headlight can be removed and saw mount put in place in under a minute easy and the same to go back again. The Stihl saw I have has a 16" bar and can cut through just about anything I come across. I love that saw so much I use it about 90% of the time at home over my larger Husky and my pole saw. It's so light and powerful to do most any type of cutting in very reasonable time and ease. After running this there's no way I'd try any other set up. It might cost more than average but performs way, way above average so I'm good

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    I love my Trail Tech chainsaw mount too. But they no longer sell them or parts for them.
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