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Thread: 150 SX vs XCW

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    Default 150 SX vs XCW


    Thinking about getting a 150. I've always wanted a small bore bike. Currently riding an older 200 XC (2007). I really like the bike but would like to upgrade to a more modern chassis. I definitely don't feel the need for more power. I'm a pretty light rider at only 160 lbs. I will be using the bike for woods riding.

    I know the XCW would be the more logical choice but I really want a light bike. I don't really need TPI nor e-start. The SX is 21 lbs lighter than the XCW which is pretty significant. I would not leave the SX stock. I'd have the suspension done right away. I'd also add a skid plate, rad guards, hard guards, re-gear and all the other necessary woods stuff. I feel like that close ratio transmission is probably fine and likely better for a small bore bike. I'd assume that the SX might need a different pipe and well to change the power around a bit.

    I basically want the XCW suspension and power characteristics but in the ultra light weight package of the SX. Is this reasonable or is the weight difference not really noticeable?


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    Default Re: 150 SX vs XCW

    Yes the weight differences are noticeable! KTM has added so much stuff to the XCW 150 that it weighs more than pre-electric start 250s. In back-to-back riding with a "woodsified" SX 150 or TC 125, the weight is very obvious.

    I am a dedicated small bore woods rider, and in my opinion there are only 2 bikes that have it right off the showroom floor--the YZ125x and the new KTM125 XC (which I have not ridden). If you are spending new bike money, the KTM is clearly the way to go.

    On the other hand, if you want to save some cash, simple mods to either the YZ or SX/TC bikes will give you an awesome woods bike. In the last 15 years I have owned RM, CR, KX, and YZ 125s. All made great woods bikes, but these days the YZ is really the only choice from Japan, as you just don't see many examples of the other brands any more. The 3 YZs I have had (1 steel, 2 aluminum frame) only needed a suspension revalve and basic protection to work great in the woods. An 18" wheel is also a nice addition, but not really necessary. I have both wheel sizes for my bike and switch depending on conditions.

    I believe the SX would make an even better platform for a woods conversion based on the examples I have ridden, but reasonably priced used examples are hard to come by. But again, all you really need is a suspension revalve and basic protection.

    I also have a KTM 200 (2004). Trust me, any of these 125s will make your 200 feel like an absolute tank. The 200 is a nice bike and there are conditions where it works well, but it does not come close to the feel of whipping through the trees on a 125.

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    Default Re: 150 SX vs XCW

    I rode a 2006 200XC for ever. Upgraded to a 2016 150sx. Chasiss was the 1st thing I noticed big improvement, Next was the Motor LOVE IT. You can chuck this bike around feels light.

    Mods I have done to make it a woods bike
    -Skid plate
    -Hand Gaurds
    -RKTech head Base gasket 1.5mm
    -Power Valve Spring
    -XCW 1st gear and replaced 3,4 with SX upgrade kit 3rd lost some teeth
    -18" Rear Trail tires

    Buddy has a 2017xcw it feels lazy FLY Wheel weight. He has removed Electric Start and installed SX fly wheel. Bike feels lighter than mine and the motor rips now.

    Things I hate about my 150sx LINKAGE its a maintenance nightmare and I think my buddies PDS rides better and easier to clean logs and rocks.

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