I'm going to try and kill to birds here..
I'm 60 years old and been riding all but a few years of my life. Dirt / street, I like em all. Started on a Rupp mini bike and moved up to a 74 Yamaha 175 enduro. That got me going so I saved my change and managed to acquire a brand new Suzuki RM400 in 1980. I loved that bike because riding the big open access roads along side the rail road where there would be massive mud puddles that always were a pain to go through or, around.. I was able to twist and hang that front wheel up and power through.
That was my last dirt bike for a while as I joined the army. Since then, I've had several street bikes, quads, KX 250 & even a couple of Banshee's... go figure.

A few years ago, I ran across a pretty good deal on a 2002 KTM 250 SX and have been getting back to dirt riding but had a catastrophe a couple of months ago when I let my buddies son take it for a spin. He came back to the house pushing it claiming it just stopped running. Long story short, he grenaded it. I ordered a Wiseco standard bore piston and sent it along with the cylinder after talking with U.S. Chrome. Found out yesterday my cylinder is cracked and they can't get to the location to weld it.

I am really needing a cylinder but am having no luck finding one. It would help if someone knows if there are other year models that could work because 2002 SX cylinders seem to be very scarce.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.