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Thread: Nitrowedge

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    Quote Originally Posted by kjclark7 View Post
    All depends on how soft your current nitro is and how firm you want it.
    But cut your nitro, install in the tire and see how far you can spread the ends apart. There's no right or wrong answer on how much. All personal preference but def add at least 2 inches to whatever the gap is.
    I got a couple wedges to try a few months ago from Jeff and they work. My front i used the entire wedge but the rear I only used 4 inches.
    Def save your old nitros but nice to be able to buy a wedge if needed
    Excellent advice. THANKS!!!
    I disassembled my wheel to add in the NIRTOWEDGE, but that particular tire/wheel had a old worn out Mich bib.
    I guess between my son and I, we have so many wheels I got mixed up on what was in that tire.
    Note to self... Start a spreadsheet or binder to keep up with wheels.
    Anyway, I just put a new Nitro Mousse in it and rode TCCRA practice today at Gordon Texas.
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    Howd the new nitro feel Andrew?
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    Interesting thread, I have not cut any of my mousses yet. I have found I like them more when they keep pressure on the sidewall and keep the bead seated firmly. My buddy and I both only run one rim lock and it seams the cord it the bead can take a bunch of punishment and flexing right at the lock with one cord (Bead) eventually breaking on one wheel breaking right at the lock. I have seen a couple distort the bead around the lock so on soft set up I can see the benefit of running two rim locks on the rear.

    Thinking back on the wedges the NM21-235 and I suppose the NMS21-235 front in particular. For this I will think of circumference as the listed 235 and diameter as fitting a 21" I tried several in NMS soft on different tires in 220 and 235 and decided to to try the 235 NM standard. I much prefer the 235 NM standard on the front however the strange is the diameter. The NMS has a smaller 220 circumference as expected but larger diameter and the 235 NM standard. As I said i like the feel of the front better with the NM standard so as far as how the magic works out who care~~.

    When stuffing the NM 235 standard the diameter doesn't really fill the tire, Now if I cut one of these and insert it into the tire I should have a gap without issue and filling that seems it would have a significant effect on the NM 235 standard front.

    Anyone cut an NM 235 standard and understand what I am trying to say.

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    I understand what you said and was think in the same as i have several different sizes some old and new. Still pretty much something a person has to find out with their own particular setup. I remember wen running tire balls it was common for some to lose pressure while others went flat and others held air. Things inside just shifted around to kind of even out. Ya never really could tell much from the outside except the tire kept getting flatter untill it needed servicing.

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