I called last Fri to see if we could come up with a good place/time to meet and to buy the 18 XCW 300, but he had someone on the way then and it then sold. So I stopped in at the dealer on my way to the last TCCRA race at Rocky Ridge. They said they had the new GasGas EX300 in. I figured I'd probably leave with it. There was communication problems, they actually just had the EC models come in for the 300s. So at least I got to see some of the new GasGas bikes, they look awesome. But while the new Red is cool and for the savings I'd probably buy Red, overall they do look like slightly cheaper versions of the orange and blue ones there. They just didn't have as much shiny stuff, the triple clamps, seat covers, less details in plastic, no handguards. I went on to the track, rode my 450 XCF and started wondering why I was even looking so hard at another bike. But I didn't race, and my knees are just now feeling better from just 3 laps of practice. If it had rained like the forecast was predicting, my 450 would have been a real handful on that track. I started thinking about the 250F bikes, and may go look at a 2019 XC-F 250. I noticed several in my class have switched to Yamaha 250FX now. I'd still love to find a carb low hour 19 XC/TX 300, that they don't want the same or more than they sold new for. They just don't seem to be out there. Most seem to think the 350 XC-F is the best bike for me, just doesn't seem like it would be a big difference from my 450, and if I stall it a lot, I'll have to spend another grand on a Recluse. The dealer called yesterday and said they do have the EX300 in now. Looks like the 350 would be about $400 more. If they have both, I might go and check them out I have a feeling I'll just stick with what I have for now.