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    I am a 62 year old enduro rider. My enduro bike is a 06 450 WR plated. I ride Nemadji single track. My latest project is an 08 Outlaw powered by KTM 525. I already dropped the long oil screen in the sump and had to fish it out. Not a great start for the KTM. Out of all the oil change videos none covered that potential issue with the long filter screen, a fairly big miss. The bike is as clean as they come. Original tires that still look great. The carb was missing the long fuel screw, it simply fell out. The crank bolt is loose and I am working on that now. I am looking forward to riding a sport quad after bounding around on the 850 Sportsman. I also have a 1985 Polaris Trail Boss apart. The crank is at the machine shop for a new rod and bearings and the cylinder is getting the next size up wisco piston. I painted the exhaust and cleaned up the bike and will have an in tact freshened up 250 Trail Boss in case anyone cares. I couldn't part it out even though that was the smart move. It really is clean so it might give someone a rise. I still haven't learned that just because something can be fixed it does not mean it should be fixed. I have a dozen various types of power sports machines and feel like I am serving them instead of the other way around. Luckily, I enjoy the fixing and the riding.

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    Welcome to KTMtalk. I used to really enjoy the Nemadji trails when I lived in MN, and I hear they have expanded and improved them. Hopefully you're not using your quads in the single track trails?

    There is a forum for the KTM quads below that may help you out.
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    Million miles of Class 1-2 ATV trail at Nemadji as well as some of the best single track in the state.

    welcome aboard

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