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    The least of my issues during yesterday's race was the fact that my bike stalled after I was about a half mile into the woods. I found that I had not completely shut the choke off frustrated.gif
    During the second lap I clipped a stump with my pipe and put a nice 3" diameter dent in it. I don't think it affected the performance much but it did change the tone of the muffler.
    During the race I was trying to find a section of my rear that was not chapped to place on the seat. I was probably not standing enough and that is the reason I got monkey butt in short order.
    Like I have mentioned before....I ride in races...I try a little to stay up with the pack. I tend to think I realize that I am not invincible and at 43.....healing takes a while. I was impressed to hear that one of the A riders was in his 50s. Maybe he has been racing most of his life.
    Anyway.....the combination of heat and not being conditioned took it's toll and I took myself out of the race with one lap to go. I should have sucked it up but....I thought it was the best thing to do. It took me a while to recover. I recall playing football in the late summer and being real hot but not to the point where I was dizzy and felt like puking.
    Fact....I have not been working out regularly. I am out of shape. I need to put myself in the "MANDATORY PT" program (Vets will understand that) Early on I got cramps in my calf and hips. I have to say additionally that I probably didn't prepare properly. I was not drinking plenty of water a week before the race and I only had a bowl of strawberry special K for breakfast. I did though drink water and gatorade prior to racing.
    I need to start running and doing a bit of lifting. Any nutrition prep info anyone has would be welcome. Or work out recommendations.
    Thanks for the read.


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    Getting old just sucks!!!!
    If I start having a BAD day I just pull off, load up and be a spectator. Last time I was "off" day it cost me 6 broken ribs!
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    Although weight lifting is more enjoyable than aerobic work, it doesn't pay nearly as much dividend. Overall strength usually isn't the problem, it's endurance and overall fitness. Some weight work is OK, but mostly, just stay after that cardio stuff. Monitor your heart rate and use it as a guide to finding the difficulty level you need. Eat right (don't "diet" - just eat right). I find stair-steppers and (god I hate these things) eliptical trainers do the most good for me, but my favorite is a good rowing machine - regardless of which machines you use, what you put in will determine what you get out. To avoid getting in a rut, switch around - 30 minutes on the stair machine & 30 minutes on an eliptical - 15 minutes on a stair machine and 30 on the tread-mill plus 15 minutes of upper body work, etc. If you're doing weights - don't hang around the machines and yak, get your sets in and move on without letting your heart slow back down. Do your repetitions slowly and carefully with no break on either end of the rep - style and control helps way more than big weight. Your entire workout shouldn't take more than one hour with very few breaks. Read up on it - there are tons of good books on fitness training. Everyone talks about fitness and diet - turns out you actually have to do it.
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    A bowl of Special K is a snack. Not enough energy. Good plate of protein like bacon and eggs, or tuna on toast with cheese would provide more sustained energy and prevent hunger. Drink plenty of water. Save the Special K and the Gatorade for after the race when you will want something sweet.
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    Mountainbiking is great crosstraining if ya have the hills,
    It also helps with armpump and gets your (seat) conditioned.
    Just switch the brakes over to the right sides and respect that a bike get off can hurt ya too.
    The deep lung training is unsurpassed IMHO and the ride down is so fun and the same type ot intensity as going fast on your dirt bike. whoop.gif

    If ya don't do the bike, do lots of cardio and high rep weight traing. no heavyweights.
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    Pine nut is right.....I just got into mountain biking and boy am I a beginner.....but what a work out.....I don't notice it traing my arms that much but getting the lungs and heart going really helps....
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    Thanks for the training tips all. Have a mountain bike, treadmill, roller blades just need to use them. I am committed to getting more fit after this weekend. I know now how fast I can go downhill (health wise).

    Take care all. Ride safe.


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