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Thread: "Tie Down" tip

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    good idea, thanks

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    learned this from a quad riderAttachment 33241

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    Quote Originally Posted by CodyY View Post
    why are you pitching the hooks on the ends of your tie downs. I haul alot of different things and need the hooks. I just use the carabiner on the loop end of the hook. then to my anchor points on the trailer. No sense in cutting off good hooks when there is no difference.

    Oh, I also use a Fork brace in the front and one strap from the subframe or footpeg to the floor. Keeps the rear from jumping around.
    You can also put a length of tubing on the end of the hook and then run it through the eye once tied down. Keeps it from bouncing off.
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    Powertye makes some great straps, heavy duty with latch hooks on both sides incorporating soft loop - been using them for 5+ years and the bike is not coming loose with them.

    They offer various lengths, widths and S hooks as well - I use these:
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